Come join the Soul Tribe for an amazing transformative experience as we journey together on a 3-week Energy Immersion!


You will bask in the healing vibrations of love and light through guided meditations, activations, wisdom teachings and empowerment practices facilitated by Dr. Bernadette.  Each 3-week Energy Immersion creates an amazing place of transformation, healing, integration and reclaiming your energy as a sovereign being.  This leads to a more empowered life, creating empowered choices and self-love.

Join me on an incredible 3-week energy journey to transform old thoughts, energies, emotions, beliefs and limitations that are holding you back.

Your 3-week Energy Immersion format:

  • Weekly LIVE group calls with Dr. Bernadette (total of 3 calls)
  • Bonus Q&A call
  • Remote group work 2 times a week to support your 3-week Immersion
  • Instant replays and MP3 downloads of all calls
  • Opportunities to work 1-1 with Dr. Bernadette, if selected, to answer your personal questions and facilitate mini 1-1 healing intuitive session
  • Each call will have one or more: guided meditations, realignments and empowerments and wisdom teachings
  • Support of an amplified group energy field
  • Being supported by our loving Soul Tribe as we journey together!

The Benefits of working in a group amplified field:

An amplified group energy field creates a high vibrational energy field of healing for each and everyone who participates (this includes your animals).  In an amplified group energy field what you clear, heal and transform serves the whole as well as gifting yourself with the amplified vibrational support to transform what no longer serves you.  Our beloved Soul Tribe holds such a deep, supportive, nurturing space that allows healing to occur where it wasn’t able to occur before.  The Soul Tribe sees you for you, loves you for you and accepts all that you are.  With this as part of your 3-week Energy Immersion, you will transform aspects of you, reclaim aspects of you as you stand in sovereign empowerment as a whole divine being, loving all that you are.  You will have a community that feels like home!

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3-week Energy Immersion with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

"It fills my heart with so much joy as I watch the healing and transformation occurring on our 3-week Energy Immersions. It is truly amazing to experience the light, love and embodiment that occurs within the Soul Tribe."

Dr. Bernadette HartmanDVM, Intuitive Healer Humans & Animals


Expand into a NEW YOU!
Setting the Foundation of SELF-MASTERY for the New Year: Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy and Emotions

Access new energies for 2018 as we journey together setting the foundation on all levels of Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy and Emotions for the new year, 2018!  This immersion is a great way to kick off your new year filled with intention and aligning your energy to Self-Mastery.  2018 is an 11-year and 11 is a Master Number.  Jump Start your New Year with this Master energy as you journey into your heart, accessing your own inner knowing.  You are your own inner guru, your own inner master.

Together on our 3-week Energy Immersion we will be working with the energies of Mastery: mastery, integration and embodiment of your own Divine Light.

Can you participate if you don’t have an animal?

Yes, absolutely!  Dr. Bernadette’s Energy Immersion includes both humans and animals.  The 3-week experience focuses on working with humans, supporting your transformation and empowerment, which in-turn supports your animals.  Dr. Bernadette includes wisdom teachings abou animals roles, how they are helping humans awaken and she always includes them in the healing and transformational energy work.  You don’t need an animal to participate or join this transformational experience.

Everything is energy and supporting you on your journey of awakening

The Universe is truly working in your favor to help you awaken, evolve and learn how to manage and connect with your own energy and divinity.  Our inner world is reflected in the outer world.  Your animals serve as a divine gift of love by holding the reflection of your inner world, subconscious thoughts, energies, and emotions without judgment.  The amazing thing is, as you heal and transform your inner world, learn to manage your energy and make empowered choices your animals behavior or reflection immediately shifts.  You outer world shifts as your inner world shifts.  Healing goes both ways!

This is for EVERYONE – with or without animals!

Here is What Some of the Soul Tribe Have to Say…


“I feel so light, I feel so content, and it is all thanks to the 21 day process.  I have to say, I’ve done 21 days with other healers before, and this is by far the gentlest and most potent program.  I do hope you will bring this back as a regular thing 🙂  I’m so happy for your calls too, that’s like a little dose of Bernadette regularly and it will
 help enormously.  <3”  Lots of love.”

M.Hoglund, Sweden

“Hi Dr. B.  I have really enjoyed and valued your classes!  I have really appreciated the safe space you create so people can share and be empowered!  Keep up the passion and uniqueness that you bring to inspire people and their critters to be their most fulfilled and synchronized self!”

Jane of the Huskies, Oregon

“Again, thank you for your wise and compassionate guidance yesterday. I want to let you know that upon awakening this morning I checked in with my body/spirit and the sense of wholeness came back. In fact the word “whole” was what I felt.

Dianne P, Oregon

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3-week Energy Journey with Dr. Bernadette Hartman

Meet Dr. Bernadette
Your Intuitive Healing Guide

Dr. Bernadette Hartman holds a global presence facilitating intuitive healing and transformation for clients worldwide (both human and animal).  Through her work with animals Dr. Bernadette discovered a deep interaction and connection between animals and humans along with the reflection animals are sharing with humans awakening into consciousness.  Her work has evolved from working with animals to facilitating deep intuitive healing and transformation for humans and humans with animals on a soul level.

Dr. Bernadette gets to the heart of the matter by looking at the energetic, behavioral and emotional energies the subconscious is holding on to while guiding and facilitating deep transformation.  Her ability to work within the fields of both humans and animals is truly life changing!  You don’t need an animal to work with Dr. Bernadette.  Welcome to the Soul Tribe!